open & shut

A poem by Ahimaz Ponrasa.

          as the filthy rich eject themselves from this massive spaceship earth, all the fell arctic life-forms begin to rise up.

open the door.
light particles light up

the dark. particles are
waves? particles

or waves! open the door.
wind gases blow in

the breeze. shut the door.
light particles, breeze gases

depart. shut the door.
darkness sets in. not knocking

knock knock, one day, violent
wind gases throw

open the door.
light particles light up

the ruin. gases or a state
of matter? gases are

a state of matter. particles
are waves! particles

or waves? shut the door.
open & shut

the doors of this
generational ship.

          the sounds of countless indigenous, half-indigenous folks, embracing rocks & trees, wailing resurrect recuperate, throb & echo in all the subterranean interstices.

Ahimaz Ponrasa (a.k.a Rajessh, @ahimaaz) has been published recently with Giallo, Drunk Monkeys, Nymphs, TERSE. Journal, Jellyfish Review, Burning House Press, Velivada, BEST BUDS! Collective, RIC Journal, Minor Literature[s], Marlskarx, Glass, Elephants Never, Big Echo: Critical SF, Paint Bucket and Speculative 66. He lives in the Indian Subcontinent.

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