A poem by Lucia Larsen.

the gods must rub lidocaine on our brain as we are born, for how else
can we stare out across a whole valley from above and not black out?
how else can we see the strobing light and rain and not seize up from it?

there is more water resting below me than I could ever drink
and yet streams still carve out new crevices in the land as if
we could comprehend any more corners in the twisted earth

moss covered trees create a darkness to soothe our widened eyes
there are monsters in there with dilated pupils, taking in more of the
world than the gods thought we could handle, whispering fairy stories

about the creatures that could be hiding
deep within the blinding glare of the light

Lucia Larsen is currently studying for her MSc in Environmental Management at the University of Stirling. Her work has appeared in The Unpublishable Zine, Tealight Press, Neuro Logical, and Tipping the Scales. She can be found on Twitter @mslucialarsen.

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